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As a regular truck driver, you probably know how vital your seats are. There’s no way you want to let your seats be ruined. Because comfort is a must whether you are driving over short or long distances. This is why you need truck seat covers to protect your seats and preserve your comfort. Oil spills, chemicals, UV rays, water, dirt among other substances can deteriorate the integrity of your seats. This is one of the reasons why you need a top quality seat cover from a reputable manufacturer.

The seats get damaged because they are usually constructed with fairly lighter materials that can wear out really fast. Clearly, you will need to cover your seats with the right, properly-fitting truck seat covers. They protect the seats from UV rays and other harmful chemicals. The seats are also shielded from dust and dirt. Meaning that your seats will have a prolonged life.

Finding the perfect truck seat covers can be a daunting task. But if you’ve got your new truck ready to start working, it’s time to get it dirty. You can’t have your new seats ruined so quickly, and that’s why we came up with a list of the best seat covers to protect your pride and joy. Scroll down for more detailed information.

Features of the Truck Seat Covers to Consider

As with other products, it can be difficult to get the right fit of seat covers. But certain features will help you determine whether a seat covers are useful or not. We have discussed some of them right below to help you with the answer you are searching for.


  1. Quality Fabric

One of the most important factors that you should consider when buying a truck seat cover is the quality of the fabric. You will need to look for durable and high-quality seat covers. Check if the fabric material is of high-quality and therefore able to last for a long period of time. Some custom seat covers come with added features to further provide users with comfort.

Most of the seat covers crafted with durable materials may cost you a huge amount of money, but are worth investing. Again, it is important to note the quality of the product fabric may sometimes depend on the brand.

The fabric material should be waterproof and stain-resistant. Many people prefer leather for obvious reasons – luxury, style, and comfort, right? Keep in mind that you want truck seat covers whose cleaning process is a breeze.


  1. How Many Seat Covers You Want

Another important aspect that needs to be considered is the number of seat covers you need for your truck. You may want to cover all the seats in your vehicle. Knowing the exact number of seats you want to cover is vital. You could also find it necessary to cover just the seat(s) you are using almost daily or regularly.


  1. Climatic Conditions in Your Area

Get the truck seat covers that can survive in most climates. For example, if you live in the cold conditions, you may want to consider sheepskin as the core material for your covers.


  1.  Color

While this will not have a major bearing as far functionality is concerned, it can influence the appearance of your truck interior. Basically, the truck seat cover color you choose has to match the interior without color-clashing. Black truck seat covers could absorb and retain heat in the vehicle. Depending on the season, choose the right colors.


  1. Budget

The price of the truck you are about to purchase is another important factor that needs to be considered especially if you are buying on a budget.  Have rough know-how on the prices of different designs, models, and types. The prices will certainly vary given that some truck seat covers are made from high-quality materials while others have medium or lower qualities. But your budget should already be in place. Not all expensive buys turn in the best performance you expected. You will be shocked how your cheap catches can outrun the rather expensive truck seat covers (Of course, this will not always be the case).


Here Are the Benefits of Investing in Truck Seat Covers


Simple Installation

Installing the truck seat covers is an extremely easy process. You don’t need any tools or professional skills. Therefore, you spend only a few minutes and you are done. It is important to consider choosing a product that is easy to install without the need for professional assistance.



The durability of the product you want buy is another determining factor you should consider The truck seat covers come with the aspect of durability and they also improve the life of your seats. The seats do not wear out fast because they are well covered and protected to last longer. Most of the truck seat covers are waterproof and dirt-resistant to handle any type of threat. Consider going for a product that is made customarily to withstand the test of time.



The custom truck seat covers can have different designs, patterns, colors, and materials. Depending on your preference, you can always get what you want. Which makes it easy for you when looking to buy some for the truck in your fleet.


Easy to Maintain

Maintaining these truck seat covers is easy and hassle-free. They can be removed and cleaned through machine-wash. In the case of an oil or chemical spill, you can just wipe it off. With the stain-resistant covers, you are sure that your seat has been adequately taken care of.


Pricing is Reasonable

You are able to get high-quality upholstery at affordable prices. You will, therefore, enjoy the comfort of leather seats or other top-rated materials at fairly low costs. The universal truck seat covers protect seats from potentially expensive damages.



The comfort you get from the truck seat is another important aspect you should put into consideration. There’s added comfort for the truck driver. It is possible to drive for long distances without feeling extremely tired. Comfort is what every driver wants while driving. But you will enjoy driving only with the right truck seat covers on your seat.


Common Types of Truck Seat Cover Fabric Material

It is important to know the different types of these materials used in crafting the truck seat covers. We will look at a few of them right here.


  1. Washable Seat Covers

Normally, these truck seat covers are made of cotton thus, they are easy to clean. They are draped over the seat surfaces and wrapped on the seat edges. They are great at absorbing any sweat and dirt produced. Besides, washable truck seat covers insulate the burning hot seats during summer. It is very easy to remove and fully wash them.


  1. Neoprene Seat Covers

The other option is neoprene which comes as a thick, long-lasting elastic material. They are usually waterproof and cannot puncture easily – they are known by many people. The neoprene is a great truck covers and they are loved by many people because of their features.


  1. Leather Seat Covers

The leather pattern is one of the most precious seating surfaces. Everyone desires to have the leather fabric on their seats. It’s always going to offer you the luxury, plush class and even improves your truck’s interior decor. Leather is a natural material, but you need to take good care of it to extend its life. We also have the leatherette seat covers; they look almost like leather but they are less expensive and do not easily crack even with pets using them.


  1. Sheepskin Seat Covers

These truck seat covers offer a deep, thick, and often soft layer that provides insulation to the body. Other sheepskin truck seat covers could integrate fur-like microfiber material with a given amount of preferably half-inch high or medium density foam.


  1. Velour

This comes from either cotton or polyester; resembles velvet in appearance. They have a really soft finish to their model.  This provides you with unmatched comfortability.


  1. Suede

If you didn’t buy leather, suede could be worth a try. It is cost-effective, tougher and wears out faster than other materials. When exposed to UV rays, suede can get damaged.


  1. Tweed

They will do a great job almost like velour. If you want the textured pattern, they are a priority over other materials.


The Best and Top-Rated Truck Seat Covers in 2018

Here is the review of the truck seat covers for your vehicle you want to have in 2018. The selection was done based on their high-quality and durability features. They also provide the comfort you need while driving.


Big Ant Waterproof Universal Car Seat Cover

Big Ant Waterproof Universal Car Seat Cover Image


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This truck seat covers by Big Ant is a leather-made product that is intended to protect your truck seats against urine, sweat and other liquids. PU leather also gives your truck interior a sleek appearance that appeals to the eye apart from its durability for extended use. You will be amazed at how the covers ensure that the seat temperature and humidity in your seat are effectively controlled so that you are comfortable as you drive for long distances.

The seat is non-slip rubber-soled designed to hold your child or pet really well. They cannot fall off hence ensuring their safety. If you have been looking for a versatile mat, this one is – you can comfortably apply it on all standard vehicles and automobile accessories for children and pets. The truck seat covers are easy to install and the whole process is also quick. The price is fair looking at what the Big Ant truck seat covers can do.


Seat Covers Unlimited Saddle Blanket Truck Bench Seat Cover

Seat Covers Unlimited Saddle Blanket Truck Bench Seat Cover Image


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The saddle blanket truck bench fits Dodge, Chevrolet and Ford trucks with ease. These truck seat covers are going to groom up your truck’s interior leaving you comfortable and good to go. It is made to be installed on the front seats only. And they will work on a straight bench seat, thus, anything less than that won’t be the right place to fit this cover.

The truck seat covers are designed with thick, woven fabric that is heavy duty and long-lasting. So your pets and children can use the seats and you will not get worried – because the cover is really strong and tough. It also provides the comfort and security that you need.

Installation is extremely easy; it also takes care of your storage needs with the cover front pockets. So if you are looking for that cover to protect your seat from grime, dirt, and damage, this is a product you don’t want to leave behind. It is made of polyester fabric that is breathable and washable.


Gorla Premium Universal Fit Waterproof/Sweatproof Car Seat Cover

Gorla Premium Universal Fit Waterproof/Sweatproof Car Seat Cover Image


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Gola Premium Universal Fit protects your seats against sweat, drink spills, pet fur, dirt, and grime. The neoprene-constructed truck seat cover comes with the anti-slide feature that keeps your child or pet in place so that they don’t slide when the vehicle is moving. Neoprene also improves the durability of your seats. The comfort is high and without the material sticking on your skin when it is hot, this cover gets even better.

It is easy to use or even care for and comes in a large size for maximum seat coverage and protection. The neoprene seat belt cover could be handy in further protecting your seats from potential wear aspects. While driving on the road, there’s an integrated strap that will ensure the seat cover does not move. Cleaning these truck seat cover can be achieved by hand washing (which is recommended) with a mild detergent or machine washing.

For easy storage, just roll the covers and use the strap to tuck it somewhere secure.


Dickies 3001109 Heavy Duty Water-Resistant Trader Seat Cover

Dickies 3001109 Heavy Duty Water-Resistant Trader Seat Cover Image


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The Dickies Trader truck seat covers come with durability and toughness while protecting your truck seats. It is water-resistant and heavy-duty as reflected in the name. Therefore, expect these truck seat covers to protect your seats from a wide range of liquids and harsh environmental elements like UV light, dirt, dust, etc. You will carry along your pets and children without any concern that they could damage your seats.

Besides its ergonomic design and accessories, the product is durable and can withstand the test of time. With this product, you do not need to worry about rain or oil spill. The American manufacturer offers warranty cover for and can be shipped for all buyers within the US.

The fitment instructions are extremely easy to follow. The covers are able to fit universal high-back, bucket seats with armrests. You won’t struggle to install the covers on the seat: and after installing it, the covers improve your seat comfort, style, and provides maximum protection against intense wear.


Browning Camo Seat Cover

Browning Camo Seat Cover Image


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Browning Camo comes in heather grey and black colors. It is constructed from premium quality 600D polyester fabric that proves tough on any hard-wearing abrasive aspects. It is also water-resistant and has a foam backing which helps to hold camo seat covers in place. The design of the covers incorporates double-stitch seams for improved protection of the seats over a long period of time. Thus, you will spend your money wisely by choosing to buy these truck seat covers by Browning.

The Browning Camo Seat Cover has received favorable ratings and reviews from past buyers. the product will fully blend with your truck interior accessories. It is shipped with a manufacturer’s warranty to further assure you of its quality. This will also make it easy to return the product in case it fails to meet your expectations.

When it comes to installation, it is pretty easy: no wastage of time as you will barely need a lot of time to complete the process. This also means that you will not have to hassle to protect your seats against the potential damages. The built-in accessory features such as the armrest, seat belts, and center consoles indicate the sheer artistry involved in their design. These seat covers are semi-customized and come with superior protection of your vehicle seats.


Outlaw Universal Bench Seat Cover

Outlaw Universal Bench Seat Cover Image


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If you are looking for the thick, heavy-duty, woven fabric, then don’t go further than this Outlaw Universal bench truck seat covers. This is a tough material that can offer the much-needed first-class protection to your seats. Whether it’s against water, drink or oil spills or intense wear, these truck seat covers simply hold on. It does this without compromising on its capabilities to offer you the comfort and security you need when driving. The product is popular among many experts and is considered one of the best truck seats covers you can find on the market.

Don’t worry about where you can store your items in case you carried along some. The truck seat covers come with front storage pockets. These can be really handy even for more than one passenger since the pockets stretch across the entire truck seat covers front giving you enough space to keep your things. The rugged design of this truck seat cover would improve the interior appearance of your truck and boost its value.

The truck seat cover is easily installed within the shortest time possible. Therefore, it is all effortless, fitting the contour of your sit in the tightest way possible to the point where the truck seat cover cannot slide around. To most of the cover, install on the straight bench seats only. It will not do well on the split seat design – you don’t want to waste your bucks.

Bottom Line

Buying truck seat covers has just got easier for you. We have provided you with a handy, straightforward guide on various things regarding the covers. You will notice that these covers come with lots of benefits you don’t want to miss. But while choosing, you may need to look for some key features that offer guidance on whether the seat covers are suitable or not. We have based all our recommendations on these features. We hope that you find this guide really helpful before you go shopping.